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I have been a Mathematics teacher for the past 26 years.

I love doing Maths and I love it when my students get that “A-Ha’ moment.

I am familiar with the CAPS syllabus and I have been teaching at both Government- and IEB schools.

I have been a marker for the NSC exams as well, for both institutions, for a couple more than 10 years now.


English or Afrikaans speaking Maths students from Grade 8 up to Grade 12 (at a Government or IEB School)

Gr10 & 11 Advanced Program Maths (Algebra and Calculus) students

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For a FREE evaluation Contact me at info@mathsmadeeasy.co.za

How Does It Work?

After purchasing your applicable package (see page on packages available), you simply ask teacher a question via WhatsApp or on Google Classroom (monthly package only)

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Teacher will then either send you an explanation via video on WhatsAppon how to solve your math challenge or alternatively, schedule an online meeting where your specific math challenge problem can be addressed/discussed (See package benefits available).

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All you need is internet (WiFi) access via computer, tablet or smart phone

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